SWGOH Whales – the good and bad

OK, so what are the SWHOG whales? Whales within the SWGOH community are those who spend thousands of pounds/dollars to get the best characters, ships, etc as soon as they’re available. On the one hand, this is great. Rather than just being able to read the release notes from CG, we get to actually see the journey involved in acquiring the item. There are, though, multiple downsides…..

Whaling allows CG to justify their high prices. Many of us have probably bought a pack or two here and there. I got into the game last 2018, so bought the Hyperdrive bundle. Great value for the most part but I’ll come to the benefits and downsides of that in a future post. At a summary level, it’s saved me a lot of time but has also given me characters that I wouldn’t have necessarily spent that time on chasing. Overall, it’s definitely the best value pack in the game though, based on what I’ve seen on other packs. Again, something I’ll cover in a later post. However, the Hyperdrive bundle aside, how many packs have people bought? Youtubers receive donations to allow them to whale these packs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not jealousy, they choose to do it, I could probably have a go (and fail) but they’re doing it to give us latest and greatest. The reality is that most of us won’t see much of this content for a long time. When you watch one of the videos, such as taking Mando up to seven stars, the reality is that many of us won’t see a seven-star Mando for quite some time. But whaling means that CG sees their sales and decide that they’re doing things well enough to maintain the price pattern they have.

Whales can look bitchy and cynical. Many of us look forward to new content. We’re not going to get it at any great level for a while (a few Galactic Legends are appearing but not many in mid-game sides). But they moan about lack of content because they can simply throw funds at the latest and go “what’s next”? It’s a bit like getting GTA and playing it with the cheat codes turned on. The sense of achievement is vastly diminished.

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