My SWGoH Status

Well, after my first post on SWGoH about whales, I’d probably best qualify it with where I’m up to in the game. I arrived late, bought the Hyperdrive bundle and I’m now on around 2.8M GP. I’m in a guild that is farming Traya shards and have just activated her at five stars.

Thoughts on the game? As a Star Wars fan, it’s great. It’s like the fighting bits from Final Fantasy VII and the decisions to stock on different factions and teams are fantastic. Be careful though; not all characters who are great in their Star Wars life are particularly great in SWGoH. Mace Windu, Jedi Master, not worth much investment. Bossk, minor bounty hunter seen briefly in Empire Strikes Back, awesome.

The best advice I can give if you’re going to start playing is to plan your route. By that, I mean have a read online and look at a good route. The most common one that is explained is to collect Phoenix squad. For those of you that haven’t seen it, Phoenix squad are a close -knit team from the cartoon series Star Wars: Rebels. The good thing about the main team that people collect is that they are “farmable” (SWGoH term for collecting the character shards that you have to amass to get the characters unlocked then powered up) from different parts of the holotable, where the games take place. Work your way up from Level 1 to Level 85, then the serious stuff starts! From there, you start taking part in PvP arena competitions and tougher raids than the basic two as well as, if you’re in a guild, events called Territory Wars (guild v guild) and Territory Battles (guild v bots). I’ll cover all these aspects in other posts, but suffice it to say that there’s plenty to go at and still plenty of life in the game.

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